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We build rainwater catchment basins. Most local aid efforts focus on new or existing wells but don’t address the critical problem of falling water tables & seasonal availability. We use satellite imagery and ground information with local knowledge to pinpoint the basin siting site

Satellite based technology

In the Community Building Group approach, local people are at the heart of all our projects from the conception to the completion. They actively participate in the decision-making process, in the conception phase, design, and construction. 

The satellite-based information is utilized to pinpoint basin location suitable to catch runoff water. As a result, it will facilitate an increase of the surface water availability and groundwater recharge storage.

Help Our Community to Access Clean Water

With your help, we have funded two rainwater catchment basins construction that collects and store runoff water during the rainy season for farming and domestic use.

Water is channeled into the basin and stored. Water is then for domestic, agriculture, and socioeconomic development




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Improve Access to Solar Energy

The project has supported girl’s education with amazing success on their learning skills

Solar energy shared by local communities helps improve access to light at night time. The project has supported girl’s education with amazing success on their learning skills. 

The beneficiaries villages of the solar project have shown were ranks first in their respective districts.  

We’ve Helped Schools to Access Electricity in Rural Areas


Helping Children And All the Communities


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