School Electrification Project

Too many children live in the rural Sahelian region, and too few girls are in secondary school or, even if in school they do not have light for studying. The lack of water in rural areas is surprisingly tied in Burkina Faso to girls unable to attend school, since they must spend all time with their mothers to fetch water for household needs. The most vulnerable groups are the girls between 6 and 13 years old.

“If the Girls Benefit, We All Benefit”
“We create opportunity in utilizing solar-powered light for education. You can help.”

Solar Power for People

By securing water, girls now have time to go to school.  The only light available is natural daylight from six in the morning until six in the evening.  The villages have no access to any sources of energy for light.  Imagine what a vital feature for empowering the girls’ education solar-powered light fixtures would be.

Light for Girls' Education

SOLAR power installed for supporting 502 girls’ education studies in the two contiguous villages of Sisene & Kamsi.

Solar Energy For Girls Education

Community Building Group supports school electrification by promoting solar energy in the areas where there is no access to a public utility. Which in turn eases learning and teaching, the girls can study especially during school and after school, because they are usually busy with household chores for the rest of the time.

Bringing Solar Power into Classrooms


Removing Education Barrier

Many areas in the Sahel region do not have access to electricity, that has hampered the education sector.

Solar Light Installed

Solar panels installed in the primary school helped students and teachers  


The solar power system has improved access to energy, and students have light at night that support girl’s education and improve their learning services

Communities Shared Solar LED Light

Solar energy shared by local communities

Solar energy shared by local communities helps improve access to light at night time. The project has supported girl’s education with amazing success on their learning skills.

Our Story

The beneficiaries’ villages of this project have shown the best school ranks in their respective districts. More than a Hundred Led Lights were installed.  Fifty (50) families identified by the communities have hosted the communities solar Led-Light in the village of Kamsi. it is imperative we take action to removing barriers in education by supporting rural electrification that will ease learning and teaching particularly at night which is the best time, especially for girls when returning return from classes.


The beneficiaries’ villages of the solar energy project have shown the best school ranks in their respective districts.

Socioe-conomic development

Improve learning services socio-economic activities  toward solar energy system.

Girls Education

More than 100 families in the project area have received two solar lamp led light!

Individual Solar Kit for Students.  Your support will help Community Building Group Effort and further its goal. 

Education has always been apprehended as an important socio-economic driver particularly when tackling the development challenges in the context of poverty. Rural schools electrification has significantly helped the entire community including teachers, students, and even parents where there is no public utility.