Community Building Group

Community Building Group is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created on August 11, 1989, under United States 501(c)(3) status. The NGO has devoted its work to an affordable housing development for low incomes communities in the U.S. In the past years, Community Building Group, Ltd. has expanded its work in West Africa with the creation of a subsidiary non-governmental association registered in Burkina Faso which is known as Association Community Building Group – West Africa (CBG-WA). CBG-WA is the regional office in West Africa.

Throughout CBG-WA, Community Building Group, Ltd. has implemented a vast Give Water Give Life Program to collect rainwater and promote an irrigation solar power system to support women and girl’s education. The program has involved partners like individuals, companies, and universities with expertise in engineering, environment, agriculture, water, and rural economic development for sustainable communities’ resilience.

Key Program Areas

Community Building Group is aiming to develop programs water and solar energy infrastructures in rural areas where there is access to utility and public water. Our program covers a wide range of development filed including rural water supply, clean water, solar energy, agriculture, environment, education, capacity building, and health that lead to self-sufficiency, especially programs beneficial to disadvantaged women and children.

We continue working in the U.S. to improve access to affordable housing, and capacity building in socio-economic development.