Community Building Group

Our mission is to help improve access to water, solar energy, and affordable houses

35 Years

Community Building Group: Created on August 11, 1989


People impacted
women and children


Community Building Group is present in USA and West Africa

Helping Communities with Water and Solar Energy

Community Building Group is a non-profit organization devoted to secure water and energy for transformative livelihood and socio-economic development.

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Our work focus on helping communities with access to water, solar energy, and affordable houses. We empower the communities and build their capacity to ensure a sustainable socio-economic development in all our projects.

Why Communities?

Community Building Group approach focus mainly on local people as the heart of all our projects from the conception to the completion. Local communities actively participate in all the decision-making process, including the conception phase, design, and construction. In addition, we empower their capacity to ensure projects sustainability.

Why Water?

In many places in the world, water is the most needed commodity for livelihood and socio-economic development. In our project pipelines, we build a rainwater catchment basin for village residents that harvest and store runoff water. We help communities with clean water, and sanitation services, solar power irrigation system.

 Why Energy?

Many areas in the Sahel region do not have access to electricity, which has exacerbated the problem of access to water and sanitation, and limited people ability to a range of useful development services and economic opportunities. There is no immediate prospect of being connected to the grid. Therefore, we provide solar energy power for village residents, rural schools and rural health care center.

Why Housing?

Community Building Group has devoted its work on affordable housing development for low incomes communities in Maryland, Washington DC, since August 11, 1989. The mixed incoming housing development is an extremely important goal of our program mostly in the United States that creates stability for low-income families, reduces poverty.

Communities are in control of their system.

Solar Power Irrigation System helping women cooperative group in Burkina Faso

With your help, we have funded a solar power irrigation project for the 300 members of the women cooperative group in the village of Kami located at the Centre-Western region of Burkina Faso. The project has helped them to grow a range of vegetable 2 to 3 times per year, thanks to the rainwater catchment basin and solar power irrigation system.

Empowering Women Productive Capacity with Solar Power and Rainwater Harvesting Technology

With your donation, the solar power irrigation system has removed the irrigation water supply barrier. No more time to waste for manually irrigation. Traditionally, irrigation water was lifted from the deep well by hand, and then carry by the women and young girls to the farming plot. Women and girls spend all day on a very tiny small framing plot. The project has definitely transformed the villages, as irrigation is now done by solar power that supply water toward a strict schedule based on crops water requirement.  To sustain the project, we trained the women to grow more crops with limited water resources.  

Solar Power Irrigation System

            The women are now able to grow more crops multiple times during the dry season.

Water Infrastructures

Rainfall catchments is a vital water infrastructure for livelihood and economic development.

Small scale Irrigation System

Small scale irrigation is an important activity to sustain livelihood and reduce poverty.

With your help

We have funded rainwater catchment basins construction to collect and store runoff water during the rainy season for farming and domestic use.

Securing water

Communities control their projects

We engage the communities in every single step from the beginning to the end of every project. Village residents including elders, men, women, young people, local engineers, and authorities work together to make it happens.